Jason Black renowned Irish leading Adventurer, endurance athlete & mountaineer.

Born in Ireland & growing up in county donegal as a young boy, his love for the great out doors was heavily influenced through cubs and scouts. Mother nature providing the mountains waterways & unspoilt coast line, Ireland was to be his perfect adventure play ground. Jason’s light hearted fun filled nature makes expedition life an adventure to enjoy. But his unfaltering determination as a very keen athlete from a very early age, has always played centre stage in his daily life allowing no obstacle stand between him and success in life.

Not the best at school sport has always been his salvation, giving him self belief discipline and a competitive attitude to be the best he could ever be twenty years in Judo association of Ireland competing for Ireland on international duties. Alongside this a further twenty years a member of cycling Ireland racing competitively in regional and irish national road races including three FBD international milk ras.                                                     Years followed in sport and Mountaineering once again came to the fore in his passion for adventure. Honing his skills around the world climbing with exceptional athletes prepared him to tackle the might of the +8000mtr giants and the greatest mountains in the world.

Today Jason’s passion to climb high in sport, testing his physical and mental capabilities is as strong today as ever placing him as one of Irelands leading mountaineers & endurance adventurer. A daily ritual of 3/4 hours training six days a week places him as an elite athlete & the formidable irish power house in that we have all come to know.Jason black
Jason’s belief “success in life” ,is shared with the youth of the Irish communities as he travels the globe encouraging young men & girls “Not to be afraid of life”. He echoes, having a dream in life and finding a way to achieving it (at times against all the odds) is the greatest summit success you will ever achieve. Don’t let dream stealers stand in the way of living your life to the full….Believe in yourself & find a way.
Jason, like others has had his fair share of lows & losses in his life. But his residence to continue and stand up each time he’s been knocked down truly shows his real strength. His self belief and commitment as a person seen him making Irish history, being the first Donegal person ever to stand on the summit of Mt Everest the highest place on the planet at 29,029ft on 19th may 2013. Denali in Alaska in 2014 and in 2015 set the bar even higher setting the world record on Kilimanjaro speed climbing the mountain via the west2east and back with a double summit in 22.5hrs.

In June of 2015 Jason in the foot steps of Ger mc Donnell was just the second Irish person in history to take on the “mountaineers mountain” the toughest endurance adventure on the planet, the mighty K2 mountain in pakistan. K2 standing at 28,251ft and the second highest in the world, yet boasts the biggest prize in mountaineering. With only 360 persons successfully to survive K2 the facts paint a picture of the gravity of the challenge.

2016 Jason Black opened his Adventure account on successfully summiting Aconcagua the highest mountain in south America and one of the elusive seven summits. His attempt was riddled with extreme weather conditions and the worst weather recorded in 30years with a 95% failure rate forcing his five other team members to abandon the climb and retreat, however Jason Blacks personal self belief and strong will to survive allowed him to preserver with the hard ships, eventually solo summiting the mountain on 13th January 2016 and in doing so setting a new mountaineering record climbing expedition style from Argentina basecamp to the summit 22,834ft direct and traversing to Mulas basecamp on the other side in 32hrs in what should have taken fifteen days allowing for a progressive acclimatisation, an incredible physical feat.



Today in his proud home town of Letterkenny in Ireland ,this very proud & modest Irish man can be seen training harder than ever surly plotting and planning his next wild and wonderful expedition to dance with mother nature once again.

Jason Black announces his bid to Race across Italy ultra marathon cycling endurance race on 23rd April 2016… see blog for details.



Jason Black launches attack on the 555km Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra cycling endurance race 2016… see blog for race details.


Jason Black racing 2150km endurance Race Around Ireland 2016, aiming to qualify for the world toughest endurance race RAAM “Race across America”.


GIVE UP, GIVE IN, or GIVE IT YOUR ALL …. enjoy the ride.


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  1. Hi Jason best of luck with your climb stay safe and know all your cousins are right behind youxxx

  2. Hey Jason,
    Just want to say a big “Happy Birthday” and wish you a safe ascent. David has just the book for your return. It’s called “The Ascent of Rum Doodle” and is sort of a spoof on the first ascent of Everest. It’ll give you a laugh! Lots of love from all of us. xx

  3. Keep going Jason you sound in good form enjoy every minute really enjoy your updates take care xxxx

  4. Hey Jason,
    Following your exploits with great interest. David is very envious but too old too old to follow suit! Take care,

  5. Great stories Jason keep them coming good to know you in safe hands.take care,

  6. Jason, you are effing inspirational – amazing stuff !!

    This might not be the time ask something of you … but … the Dave Gallaher International Summer (23 – 27 July) would LOVE to have you as a guest speaker at one of our conference modules. We have a very interesting programme and a 25-strong delegation of New Zealand Maori’s are coming to play their ancient sport of Ki-o-Rahi.

    They – and us – would love to hear the story of your ascent of Everest. especially since New Zealander Sir Edmund Percival Hillary was the first man (with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay) to make it to the top back in 1953 (60 year anniversary on May 29th).

    We’ll talk when you return.

    Onwards and upwards Jason……
    We’re all behind you – pushing like mad !!

    Kevin Shields


  7. Jason you are now the man who deserves all our respect glad you are getting better ,keep up the good work and the blogs are great take care x

  8. Hi Jason
    Great to finally meet you at the Scout Mountain Moot
    Last weekend in Donigal and to Thank you for your time and sharing your personal moments on the hills. I think speaking for all really fantastic talk and very much appreciated.
    Yours in scouting.
    Ed ODonnell
    P.s the Samon fish was really lovely too

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